Dedicated Team

Orange Sputnik

We build dedicated teams for enterprise software development and startups. The result of our work is to bring the Project Outsourcing Strategy to a new level, eliminating all the shortcomings from it.

Our approach based on many years of experience in a Dedicated Team Building and known as Staff Augmentation. This essentially looks like a DAAS (Developer As A Service) model which is more cost-effective to extend your team.

Our Main Value -
Long-Term Alliances

Orange Sputnik Company was founded in 2013, as a worldwide software engineering service company and proven staffing provider headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Nearshore Dedicated Development Center in Kyiv, Ukraine

We are IT Staffing and IT Consulting Services Company that provides expertise in technological research for startups needs to deliver most relevant IT developers.

Our goal is to create dedicated teams for our clients to build own software that implement their digital ideas.

Our mission to create long-term relationships providing trusty and transparent cooperation with our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We select the best talents and train them for you

We have a strong recruitment process aimed at hiring the right talented people. We always care about improving developers technical skills and their level of English so they grow professionally and can easily adapt to your workflow.

High standards for secure and maintainable software

Our developing process provides CISQ standards to build reliable, maintainable and secure software. All developers follow a proven work process to build software that easy to maintain and extend.

SOC 2 Certified Provider

We guarantee the security of clients’ data and privacy. SOC certificate recognizes our excellence in 5 main trust principles: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

Success Stories

Companies that have found a solution to their needs with us...

Branded Media

Digital signage made easy! Easyscreen gives you full control over narrowcasting. Create online clips and determine when they are broadcasted. You can conveniently customise your programmes to complement your brand, location and customers. Combine this with any of the many extras on offer. Easyscreen can turn anyone into a director!

Find Your Partners Platform

IdeasVoice connects cofounders with founders to launch exciting startups around the world. Promote, validate and build the right founding team around projects.

Delivery on-demand!

Phlatbed Connects you to Local Drivers who can help you move stuff. Moving stuff is not easy. So we have made it easy, fast, fair, and affordable, the way you deserve to experience it. We made the app that lets you name your price for your move!!

Your Great Idea
May Happen Here...

We are Orange Sputnik, remote-first Dedicated Developers Teams Provider.
We share our Technical Expertise to your business with the help of vetted engineers and developers from our tech talent pool.

Today Orange Sputnik headquatered in Prague with main operating R&D offices in Kyiv and Dnipro.


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