Staff Augmentation
What, How, and Why?

How does Staff Augmentation work? And why it should be used in IT?

The growing demand for Staff Augmentation services is not a random hit: this inrush approach helps companies to develop faster and have predictable budgets. Staff Augmentation Service reduces hiring spending to zero, offers the best developers in terms of quality/price from a huge database, and ensures they have an all-needed working environment for effective remote work. All of this is focused on creating the most comfortable conditions for a business owner who gets remote but Dedicated team Members to complement the in-house team, while many boring and distracting details are nulled.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

Why hire Developers with Orange Sputnik?

  • Availability of resources of Web Developers in an average of 2 weeks to start engaging with a specific candidate
  • The minimal time gap for practical cooperation and remote work with European countries
  • 250k+ CVs of Web Developers
  • The best quality-price ratio of staffing resources
  • Candidates with active position, which increases the quality in the scope of their hard skills and soft skills
  • The established process of cooperation with both sides

With Ukraine in the heart

Staying with Ukraine in the heart and having over 10 years of experience in Staff Augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for companies relying on IT technology.

Save your time - facilitate your business with Orange Sputnik

Get a personal consultancy to reveal your possibilities to boost your business with Staff Augmentation

How Staff Augmentation works in real life?

Staff Augmentation is an innovative business model of creating Remote Dedicated Teams that simplifies the hiring process and excludes all unnecessary hassle for the company. In other words, the business owner spends minimum time and material for building effective Remote Development Teams, which are ready to deliver all the instructions as if employees are in the typical office.

Right after the first contact with the Staff Augmentation Service Provider and outlining your demand, the process of expanding your Remote Dedicated Team begins. Orange Sputnik begins the matching process for the requested IT Engineer already the next few minutes after the discovery call is finished or the message is received and technical details are outlined. Since our database contains over 250k CVs of candidates, you should receive the first offers in the coming days. At the same time, a personal manager clarifies all the needed details with both sides to facilitate the start of the Web Development work.

Our Developers database contains over 250k candidates

We provide new employees...

A simplified labor organization is an essential argument in favor of the Staff Augmentation Service. As the IT field is the best adapted to remote performance, we provide new employees with all the necessary technical and legal support, while the enterprise idea, control center, and keeping focus on the business itself are up to you. Actually, the working activity can start after engineer approval and signing a contract with only Orange Sputnik, while papers like NDA agreement or recruitment documents with a new employee is our task.

Why Staff Augmentation gaining popularity and should be used in IT?

Fair View: Disruptive Technologies and Pace of Business Development

The appearance of new staffing services seems to be a marketing trick to provide modern definitions, but it is a natural process, indeed. Even though many people understand the advantages of digital technologies, their influence on business is bigger. Thus, reports on both the International Financial Corporation and the Americas Conference on Information Systems highlighted the huge influence of digital technologies as “disruptive” and the most promising way for development in the IT field.

Staff Augmentation is one of the best ways to facilitate fresh businesses and well-established digital enterprises. Its positive disruptive impact is the outcome of the effective use of computer networking that boosts over 85% of businesses.

Four numbers to know about a challenging hiring process

Everyone can try to overcome those numbers by themselves but should be ready to meet numerous pitfalls, which can even increase values. When using an experienced Staff Augmentation Provider like Orange Sputnik, the total hiring costs will be reduced to zero. Also, the entrepreneur skips enormous obstacles and saves your nerves.

Save your time and money - cooperate with Orange Sputnik

“When using an experienced Staff Augmentation provider like Orange Sputnik, the total hiring costs can go down to zero level”

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

If you read the article this place has already defined the benefits of Remote Staff Augmentation, but some clarifications should be made. Thus, it is vital to understand that this method is expedient both for business owners and remote workers, which is also essential.

Benefits for startups and enterprises:

  • Lower costs for in-house needs
  • Reduced hiring time and expenses
  • Minimum of organizational issues
  • Wider market of Web Developers
  • Easy change of employees' number (including dismissal)

Benefits for Remote Engineers:

  • No need to relocate (it is often a primary problem, assimilation, etc.)
  • Ability to work on innovative business projects (crucial experience)
  • Optimal working conditions
  • Possibility to chat with a wide range of friendly professionals

Staff Augmentation vs other Remote Services

One of the most difficult tasks is to define the drawbacks of remote augmenting as this approach smartly combines the benefits of other cognate methods. The clearest understanding comes while comparing to other ways of business development. For better visualization, we took the three most common models of organizing IT projects for startups and small enterprises.

* The table below is drawn for a hypothetical business from Europe and Remote Dedicated Developers.

** A simple 5-score scale was taken for comparison, where 5 is the best option, and 1 is the worst.

Staff augmentation vs outstaffing

What Reasons make us your favorite choice for Developing IT Business?

We present to our customers the most promising and interesting candidates for web development. Here are several basic claims that are common about them:

  • The database of candidates has over 250K+ Web Developers
  • The higher education system promotes the growth of English-speaking engineers with the primary orientation on the IT sector
  • Proximity to European customers eliminates the time gap for effective cooperation

The most important numbers for abroad business are wages, and we're able to deliver affordable solution for our European customers. Even though the statistics are from 2016, the positive difference compared to other states is evident (according to

wages web developers europe 2016

How much cost to hire Remote Developers?

Another portion of interesting statistics comes from PayScale, which shows recent information about wage rates:

Wages Distribution of Remote Web Developers
Years of expirience developers in Ukraine
Wages Distribution by Technologies

Who Needs Team Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation approach is one of the most appropriate ways to develop both startups and growing enterprises. Even though small businesses have many common characteristics and share general assets, the existing time of a firm influences the way of thinking.
It made us to look at the preferences for both business types from different points of view.


Advantages for Enterprises:

  • Faster hiring process (if the company does not have own HR department)
  • Wider candidates choice options
  • No need to expand or shrink office for a bigger number of workers
  • Developed contact process: remote cameras, conferences, and a personal consultant
  • Protected trial period before making a final decision or making the position permanent (onboarding expenses are absent if something goes wrong)

Benefits for Startups:

  • No need to switch a focus from the breakthrough idea to the onboarding and facilities challenges
  • No need to spent a valiable time on the recruitment process (including dismissal or change of a worker's technical direction)
  • No need to work on legal documents (including NDA contracts and other papers)
  • The remote market provides wider professional options
  • Faster start to colaborate with a dedicated person or a team
  • The best price-quality ratio of engineers
  • Possibility of temporary relocation of an augmented employee to work shoulder-to-shoulder if needed

The Bottom Line

For those who prefer read a summary information, Staff Augmentation is a thoughtful combination of diverse remote methods of building a digital business. Its preference over other approaches can be explained in three primary philosophical directions:

  • Minimizing time and resources for customers
  • Creating the best available conditions for remote workers
  • Having a result via direct and solid cooperation of both sides

Just remember that hire of Remote Dedicated Developers can be your best quality-price ratio solution and you should try this method.

Take a free of charge consultation from Orange Sputnik while able to open ample opportunities for your business.

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