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Orange Sputnik keep focus on reducing your team costs, covering hiring, onboarding process, and arranging legal details with developers. Businessmen better have to focus their own time and force on developing a product itself, developing their customers relations while we take care of boring and distracting details.

We provide a rapid hiring process with following working conditions, required technical working infrastructure, and full legal support of your Remote Dedicated Team.

Hire Frontend Developer full stack

Why Hire Frontend Remote Web Developers?

Building a Remote Developers Team is not a know-how or a new trend, however our new approach makes things more comfortable and reliable. We are in close contact with more than 250,000 Web Developers asking less wages for a high-quality work. One of our sourcing directions is Ukraine stays one of the most suitable countries for working with as it has many experienced specialists, while almost zero-time gap to ensure reliable online work.

With Ukraine in the heart

Staying with Ukraine in the heart and having over 10 years of experience in Staff Augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for companies relying on IT technology.

Frontend vs Backend vs Fullstack

Creating a Web Product can be divided into two major parts: backend (server side) and frontend (User Interface). The first part is focused on the most reliable application functioning as a technical item, while the second is focused on the visual patterns and interaction with the end-user. Fullstack Developer combines the abilities to cover both these parts according to the delivered mockups and designs by UX/UI Developer and transform it into working layers and logic of a product.

Frontend Development Stack

The variety of directions that are needed in a Frontend Web Development is enormous and depends on the specificity of needs. The most popular positions are related to:

    • JavaScript frameworks (VueJS, AngularJS, MUI)
    • JavaScript libraries (React, jQuery)
    • CSS libraries (Bootstrap, Material Design)
    • CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, Stylus)
    • CMS: Content Management Systems (WordPress, Strapi, Drupal, Joomla)
    • eCommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart)
    • Responsive Design, Cross-Browser Development, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web Applications)
    • Web components
    • Browser plugin development

All these development stack variety increases specific requirements of the respective developer level, since it could be Junior, Middle, Senior, or Architect level specialists in every topic. We will help you to define the most suitable choice, including, but not limited to, the budgeting-value ratio.

Which Web Development skillset fits your project needs?

Even though the answer seems to be clear, you should understand all the advantages and drawbacks before making the final choice. It would be better to hire:

  • Frontend specialist, if you
    • have narrow tasks related only to UI (user interface)
    • don’t need the understanding of backend specifics
  • Backend specialist, if you:
    • have narrow tasks related only to server side
    • don’t need the understanding of the frontend specifics
  • Fullstack specialist, if you:
    • have a wide scope tasks in Web Development
    • need a budget friendly solution

You could have some other cases to be taken into consideration, and Orange Sputnik will help you solving the most unexpected issues related to hire Web Developers and build Remote Dedicated Teams.

Frontend Developer Wages

There is plenty of statistics about the wages of frontend developers, which varies according to experience and specificity of the position.

How much Frontend Developers make?

The average number is about $71K per year, starting with $47K and ending with $108K (there are also wages outside this scale, but their numbers are too small to include them into).

Front End Developers Earn

The following chart shows the distribution of Web Developers according to their experience and confirms a growing demand for that kind of specialists. While somebody can expect a decline in the average salaries for experienced developers as in a few years since their number should be too massive and the competition should be more robust, others can see that it will remain since world discover new technologies and develop new markets where smart enough and more spry developers would be in high demand.

Developers experience growing demand

Developers popularity according to their skills

At the same time, it is much easier to choose a developer from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 as those directions are more popular since they are fundamental among frontend developers.

Dependency of wages size to the experience

Wages are in direct dependency to the developer's experience and look quite logical, excluding a 20+ year interval as the difference between 10+ is too small. It is more likely a cap in effect.
See the stats shown below:

Pay expirience level front end developer

Wages distribution according to skills

The following information can be useful for those who did not decide yet with which techical stack and programming approach the product should be created. As you can see below, React and AngularJS specialists earn more than average $71K of annual wages in their field.

Comparison of wages in Europe and the USA

Frontend Web Developers Salary in the US

The USA is among the leaders in average Web Developers’ wages around the world. However, wages distribution inside the country varies significantly.
See details below:

Front End Developer Salary USA

Frontend Web Developers Wages in Europe

The difference between the European Frontend Web Developers wages according to the location: specific country, cost of living, and other related aspects.
Even though the statistics below as of 2016, it shows a difference between countries.

Frontend Web Developers wages in East Europe

East Europe presents interesting specifics: the region shows rapid development in the IT field, but represented by specialists with lower wages comparing to developed countries. Among the countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, the best price-quality ratio is in Ukraine.

While drawing a conclusion you can admit that one of the most affordable options to hire Frontend Developers for remote work is to pay attention to East Europe. Here Ukraine presents best-growing trend in the IT field and combines it with reliable quality.

Orange Sputnik is ready to help your business and take care of boring and distracting details, which allows our customers to focus on the product development itself. Such an approach helps businesses save money to keep them to invest into marketing and other important budget items and helps qualified businesses that want to expand their Software Development Team in a smart way or cut the costs as well.

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Orange Sputnik is always open to suggest the best Dedicated Developers Teams for your business. The vast talent pool of Remote Developers and our 10+ years experience ensure the best match precisely for your needs.

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