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While having 260K+ database Orange Sputnik is ready to provide Dedicated Remote Fullstack Developers delivering the value to your business and stay affordable for your budget.

The formula of the cooperation is flat and transparent: first you tell your requirements, so then we provide remote candidates the most fitting to your business for the approval, provide them with an efficient workflow management, including legal, moral, and equipment sides. You have only to pick the best candidates and enjoy all the advantages of your Remote Dedicated Team.

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What is the meaning of Fullstack Developer?

Fullstack Developer is the person who combines the abilities of both sides of the project and can work with wider requirements. Having one person, who cover the whole structure of the product and connects backend with frontend in a coherent way - that sounds attractive! However, remember that such unification should not turn into the all-in-one silver bullet.

How to define a Technical Stack
for your product?

Web Development is vast and requires diverse specialists to create a high-quality product. There are two major elements of every software based solution:

  • Backend. This is all about running on the server. This is all about the functioning of a digital product that is not visible to end-user and includes operating system, servers, and databases.
  • Frontend. This is all about the visible to user functional interface (GUI - Graphical User Interface) and experience (UX - User eXperience) end-user has in terms of usage of your product and it is usually based on several coding languages and frameworks or libraries.

What I get when I hire a Fullstack Developer?

In the real world a Fullstack Developer is not looking like Shiva with many hands to deal with tasks simultaneously. We should clearly understand the real needs and possibilities of business before using such a developer. Among the pros of having a fullstack developer are:

  • single person responsibility for the whole project structure
  • faster dealing with frontend and backend issues
  • budget savings

In fact, these benefits you can reach while running small startup or SME. The bigger business you have the less probability fullstack developer you need since having the larger project and the more specific tasks to deliver.

There are cons of relying on a Fullstack Developer:

  • difficulties of finding a single responsibility specialist for different programming products and a variety of specific tasks
  • tricky assignments more often require a set of narrower engineers with a deeper expertise
  • company growth can lead to the emergence of specific roles for web specialists and highlight disadvantages of a fullstack developer

Nevertheless, the cons of having a full stack developer are usually side effects of company growth, which is a pleasant outcome compared to raised issues related to need of hiring of another Fullstack Developer.

Frontend vs Backend vs Fullstack

Creating a Web Product can be divided into two major parts: backend (server side) and frontend (User Interface). The first part is focused on the most reliable application functioning as a technical item, while the second is focused on the visual patterns and interaction with the end-user. Fullstack Developer combines the abilities to cover both these parts according to the delivered mockups and designs by UX/UI Developer and transform it into working layers and logic of a product.

How to Hire Fullstack Developers?

The first step is to define the required skills of the potential candidates according to your demands and project requirements. Write out as many specific items as possible: it's always easier to write off unwanted information rather than add something on top of it.

Once hard and soft skills and requirements were fully settled, pay attention to the possibilities of the supposed developer. Which programming languages candidates should work with? NodeJS, TypeScript, PHP, C#, Python, Ruby? Are all core technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript are needed? What about specific JavaScript libraries and frameworks like VueJS, React, or AngularJS? Additional questions about databases and operating systems are also should be included before hiring a Fullstack Developer.

Providing specific tests

Providing specific tests with attention to particular abilities is also an obvious step. Thereafter, every company has to deal with management and legal issues to create stable working conditions for maximum outcomes. If the issue lies at the practical level in remote work, both outsourcing and staff augmentation approaches require a detailed contract.

There are good news! Almost all those steps can be skipped with the help of Orange Sputnik. We provide Staff Augmentation, which reduce annoying parts in participation of the hiring process. How would you feel when reveal that we save at least 90% of your time spent for hiring if done on your side? Thoughtful demands are the only task, as we do other boring work instead of our customers.

How to interview a Fullstack Developers?

No matter if you decided to engage with Orange Sputnik or decide to hire a Fullstack Developers solely, the last step is an interview, and you should be ready for it. Generally, this phase is among the most difficult as the employer has to be satisfied by both technical skills (hard skills), the human principles (soft skills), and match of cultural values of your company of the potential worker before acceptance.

Personal attitude is a too specific issue to give some recommendations, and what comes to the professional side, we would recommend to add suchlike questions to your conversation:

  • Which part of the project do you enjoy the most: frontend or backend?
  • How hard is to work with both parts of the project?
  • How will you setup work between backend and frontend developers if you will have a role of a team lead?
  • What is more important: quality of the product or following to deadlines? Please explain.

Even though there are no right and wrong answers to those questions, they are aimed at opening hidden sides of the potential employee.

Average Fullstack Developer Salary

Wages range are rather vague because of the specifics of the job openning. The combinations of frontend and backend technologies can be different, what in the aggregate together with experience creates a wide range spread of wages.
Nevertheless, the average numbers are the following:

Average monthly salary full stack developers world

Fullstack Developer Wages

We preffer to source from Eastert Europe countries like Ukraine to satisfy our customers with more affordable budgets.
According to our candidates database analysis wages spreading is close to following chart data (numbers comes after taxes and does not include any related expenses):

Average Monthly Salaryof Rmote Fullstack Developers

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Orange Sputnik is always open to suggest the best Dedicated Developers Teams for your business. The vast talent pool of Remote Developers and our 10+ years experience ensure the best match precisely for your needs.

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