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The spreading of mobile devices in general and iOS-driven in particular, has already become a trend that influences Software Development preferences. Business owners understand that a new application has to be available via the AppStore to increase sales. However, programmers also know that iOS applications are needed and expect to receive a high salary.

Here is Staff Augmentation provided by Orange Sputnik helps everyone who wants to reduce expenses, save time to find the best developer, and start remote cooperation quickly. We have 10+ years of experience and access to the vast talent pool, which allows coding in only a few weeks after the first contact with managers.

Bear in mind we take care of boring details like payroll, taxes, work stations, and even retention practices, which makes such kind of cooperation way more effective than outsourcing.

iOS Mobile App Developer

iOS App Developers: What these developers do, Why needed, and Where to find the best fit?

  • What are the functions of iOS Application Developers?
    All the apps in the AppStore are created by iOS Developers, who are using mainly Swift and Objective-C programming languages. They can accomplish functions like designing, coding, testing, maintaining, and upgrading iOS-driven applications.
  • Why are iOS Developers currently in demand?
    Mobile marker is continuously increasing, and the AppStore is a perfect place to increase revenues. Also, iOS-driven mobile devices and apps are working under the strict control of Apple corporation, which means high reliability of gadgets, and therefore, huge confidence among the users.
  • Can Eastern Europe be a reliable place to hire iOS Coders?
    Definitely, yes. The level of life in the East-European countries is lower than in the rest of the EU, which means that developers from this region require less wages to feel confident. At the same time, the level of English, attitude to work responsibilities, and developers’ mentality are the guarantee of high quality results even during the remote employment.

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Staying with Ukraine in the heart and having over 10 years of experience in Staff Augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for companies relying on IT technology.

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Learn more how Staff Augmentation Services save your costs and provide more flexibility in hiring and retaining Remote Developers during the Era of Remote and COVID-19 pandemic?

iOS Mobile App Development

Which Mobile App Developer is the best?

Why mobile gadgets is the market sector to focus on?

As the number of internet users increases on a daily basis and about 92% of them use mobile devices to be online, the demand for portable gadgets cannot be overestimated. More than half of all online retail now is made via smartphones and tablets, while Google has already switched its SEO preferences to the mobile-first indexing.

All these numbers and facts leads to consider mobile devices as the major internet devices and online retail nowadays. That is why iOS and Android applications are in high demand and make this programming sphere one of the most perspective.

What should a professional iOS Developer to know to build an app?

Every respectable Software Developer has to know more than just only one language, framework or a library, and iOS Coders are not an exception. Even though C++ can be used to create almost any frontend and backend solution, it’s a too slow way to develop an iOS product, so Swift and Objective-C are the best languages to use for coding Apple products now.

Among the most often used libraries are:

  • SQLite
  • CoreData
  • Realm

The most widespread UI tools are:

  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit
  • SnapKit
  • Core Animation
  • Size Classes
  • Autolayout

Another important technical aspect for every iOS Developer is knowledge of appropriate frameworks, where the leaders are:

  • Core Location
  • CallKit
  • MapKit
  • StoreKit
  • AVFoundation
  • Core Bluetooth
  • Extensions
  • AddressBook
  • EventKit
  • SiriKit

OS types in App Development

There are two major types of mobile applications or operating systems that currently form a market of portable gadgets:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android (Google)

They have their benefits in terms of market share, protection, ease of development and more. There are no doubts that if someone wants to cover all market and offer a solution for the broadest possible audience, such a startupper has to develop an app to target all those operating systems.

Developing methods: Native, Cross-platform, and Hybrid

It is a rather complicated topic to cover it in this article, but it would be better to understand some key differences.

Native developing refers to designing an application for only one OS, which usually leads to better productivity and functionality, but increases time-to-market and cost consuming parameters. Cross-platform and Hybrid Development approaches allow creating a single source code and adjusting it for the particular OS with some functionality and productivity limitations, but time and expenses could be significantly reduced and it depends on the actual app context.

If you want to know more details and specifics of those approaches, you may read our article about mobile app development. However, if a young entrepreneur decided that he or she wants to have the most reliable and smooth work of the app, a professional and narrower programmer has to be hired.

Swift or Objective-C: which Developer to hire?

Few years ago Apple declared recommendation to use Swift as a primary programming language for building iOS Mobile Apps… However it’s not that easy… Yes, lastly Swift is the only option to build iOS Native App, but since it's a developing programming language, sometimes you still need to switch to Objective-C… Even more according to a Timac Blog you can find out 2 of 3 Apps are still with Objective-C in iOS 16.

Evolution of the programming languages in iOS

So it can be not very straight-forward topic for a business owner or a startupper can ask when it comes to requirements during a hire of an iOS Developer. Of course, a particular case can require an engineer with knowledge of only one language, but it’s not the most perspective approach to deal with Apple OS.

Objective-C was introduced much earlier than Swift, which means that most of the old iOS-driven applications were built via Objective-C. Swift was introduced in 2014 and is compatible with the base made on Objective-C, while it’s a more comfortable and stable language to create applications for iPhones and iPads.

If an entrepreneur needs upgrading or maintaining iOS software created on Objective-C, it seems that a highly-specialized programmer is better. However, new trends are mostly related to using Swift, so smooth changes and readiness for the future is not a wrong decision. From the contrary, making an emphasis only on Swift as a progressive tool to build Apple OS also has drawbacks.

Thus, a true iOS Developers has to know not only previous versions of the same language but be ready to deal with compatibility issues of other apps designed with another language. That is why Orange Sputnik finds the best iOS Developers that stick with both programming languages for coding Apple devices.

Are there any differences in developing apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV?

The only differences that might care as an employer are related to the experience of the specific iOS Developer. The same principles, language, and tools can be used for all those products. There are some different features that every iOS Developer has to know.

For instance, for iPad developer has to prepare PencilKit or multiple windows usage, which is not so needed for iPhones. For Apple TV resolution requirements are higher than to portable devices. Although, an iOS Developer has to understand technical differences related to different CPU, GPU, RAM, Screen Size and more, which vary depending on the model. However, those aspects are not new for experienced developers.

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iOS Application Development Cost

What Factors effects the Cost of iOS App Development?

Actually, the cost of an iOS app can vary from a few thousand dollars and up to a few million in the same currency. Not the best answer, to be fair. It only means that numerous factors influence the cost of the mobile application for Apple products.

Factors that influence the price of iOS app

  • The complexity of the tasks (from easy code and up to super-complex application)
  • Salary of the developer (from $15 and up to $250 per hour)
  • Team size (from a few necessary additional members and up to the whole department with a few Developers focused on source code only)
  • Backend requirements (UX, APIs, servers, databases, structure and logic of those aspects)
  • Frontend specifics (UI, number of app screens, graphical difficulty, interactivity)
  • Time-to-market requirements (the faster the launch should be, the more Developers needed and the higher cost will be, but bear in mind it goes different than linear relation)
  • What is more, that is only the tip of the iceberg, while each of the mentioned factors includes plenty of details that also have an impact to the final cost.

Rough calculation of the iOS App cost

Despite the fact that it's impossible to state the precise number before hours of discussions and project planning, some financial assumptions can be made. In the following table, we broke down the difficulty of the tasks into four categories and calculated the price of the developing part only. Thus, simple applications can be made by Junior and Medior-level Developers, while for harder tasks, we took more experienced coders.

Another vital aspect is understanding that a well-functioning application requires other team members. Simpler apps require only a few additional (except a developer) participants like part-time QA or a Project Manager. The most complicated apps need full-time Project Managers, a few Developers, regular feedback of QA Engineers and Frontend Developers. It means that the numbers from the table below should be multiplied by 2 or 3 for simple apps. At the same time, the most difficult ones should be increased by 5x or even 10 times.

Project difficulty Time (hours) Cost of the programmer Price for developing part only
Easy (calculator) up to 160 $15 $2400
Standard (data-driven) 250-480 $25-30 $6,250-14,400
Difficult (social network) 500-1000 $30-40 $15,000-40,000
Super-complex 1600 $40-60 $52,500-96,000

How much to pay an iOS Mobile Developer?

Worldwide salaries of iOS Developers

The popularity of mobile technologies accelerated the demand on respective Developers, which increased salaries of those Developers. Those who code Apple products have a quite special status due to the reliability and limited series of products they support. The spreading of open-source Android covers a bigger number of devices but dictates harder conditions to earn more stably. Although, those who have already bought an iPhone or iPad, he or she is usually ready to pay for extra functionality, what makes App Store a reliable place to grow real sales.

All those factors allow iOS Developers having stable wages across the world. Traditionally, Western Europe, Australia and Northern America are the best places to work with Apple hardware. Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America have lower rates of average salaries and look as perspective destinations to find iOS Developers for low-budget startups.

Respective numbers are presented in the chart below (source: MindK):

World salaries distribution for iOS mobile app developer

World salaries distribution for iOS mobile app developer

These data relates to the numbers in particular countries, and make the outcome predictable. Leading states like the US and Israel present places where iOS Developers can earn, starting from $50k and up to $100k+ annually. The situation across the EU is somewhat stable, where iOS App Developers having from $30k to $60k+ per year. Ukraine, as a representative of the progressive Eastern European region, is a place where iOS engineers make from approximately $18k/year and up to $60k+/year after taxes.

Average numbers across countries are presented below:

Wages iOS Mobile Developers

What makes our Remote iOS Developers so needed abroad?

However, the salary rate is not the only aspect that influence the selection a specific iOS Developer. Thus, a few factors have to be always present in the mind of a startupper or young entrepreneur who decided to hire a remote iOS Developer:

  • Time gap (influences the effectiveness of cooperation)
  • Level of English (influences the effectiveness of cooperation)
  • Type of cooperation (Staff Augmentation is a more reliable method than Outsourcing or work with freelancers)
  • Time-to-market (fast and effective employing is not always possible, depends on the type of cooperation)
  • Reliability (actually, that is a summing criterion of the previous ones)

There are no doubts that the cheapest option for a startup is finding a freelancer, but far from the most effective. As a rule, reliable freelancers are busy, so choosing an unoccupied Developer is some kind of a lottery. Next to it you get a possible risk of a freelancer outage which can lead to breaking your deadline and go-to-market strategy.

Outsourcing does not guarantee the full dedication of the developers to your project, which is not the best news for long-lasting plans. Staff Augmentation can be a suitable variant for those who want to save money but quickly receive engineer (hiring takes a few weeks only) with the quality and dedication of an in-house developer.

Orange Sputnik is over 10 years on the market, which allowed us to collect enough data for our own statistical charts. We divided all the developers into four experience categories with mentioning minimum and maximum rates of iOS coders. The chart below shows "how much it will cost to hire a Remote iOS Developer for my business?" if you rely on Orange Sputnik:

Wages for Remote iOS Developers ($/month)

Bear in mind those numbers include all the boring details of keeping iOS Developers: all of administrative management burden, equipment and its replacements, salaries, wages and taxes, retention practices, and even a hiring cost.


We reviewed all the details that take place when looking for an iOS Developer. There are plenty of aspects that were not mentioned as they are too specific to include them in the article. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our managers, who will be glad to help you in finding the most suited and fitting iOS Developer.

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