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Hire Quality Assurance engineers: useful tips to make the right choice…

Quality Assurance (QA) engineers are an essential part of every successful Web Application. An experienced Quality Assurance Engineer knows all the aspects of the business and programming features of the product, which allows for the alignment of interests of end-users, developers, and founders.

Such a person has the most suitable position to influence all the aspects of the product and fix it before end-users get a negative experience. It turns quite often to the QA Engineer to become a Team Lead since is aware of end-users' demands, developers' preferences, and the goals of the founders.

Orange Sputnik knows all the hidden aspects of software businesses and will help to find the most suitable QA Engineers for your needs with the Staff Augmentation approach.

The disparity between the influence and responsibilities of different types of quality specialists

Hire QA Engineers:
What they do, Why needed, and Where to find?

  • What are QA Engineers doing?
    Experienced QA Engineers provide a complicated approach to testing IT products, which defines weak sides both on the programming and principle sides.
  • Why are QA Engineers needed for software businesses?
    QA Engineers facilitate the fixing of the developing product before end-users have found bugs and mistakes, which improves customer loyalty. There is even a joke about this that programming is the process of injecting bugs into a product, and testing, accordingly, is the process of discovering and documenting them as product features.
  • Where to find the most suitable QA Engineer?
    Orange Sputnik provides a wide range of QA Engineers, starting with entry-level specialists with small budgets and ending with mature testers. We provide a fast hiring process and all work on a remote basis.

With Ukraine in the heart

Staying with Ukraine in the heart and having over 10 years of experience in Staff Augmentation, Orange Sputnik creates the most suitable conditions to hire developers for companies relying on IT technology.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation approach during
the Era of Remote

Learn more how Staff Augmentation Services save your costs and provide more flexibility in hiring and retaining Remote Developers during the Era of Remote and COVID-19 pandemic?

Remote QA Engineers

Those who discovered all the benefits of Remote Dedicated Teams should understand that the QA Engineers have some kind of additional control over the Remote Team. The business owner may be not familiar with source code specifics, so the person with the understanding of both the programming side and the whole idea of the project can play the role of a mediator between them. Moreover, such an engineer is responsible for the quality of the product and will find the issues to fix.

Another specific point to be mentioned is the psychological side. Thus, a developer cannot adequately test his product, and evaluate the quality of the source code or approaches used, even having and using advanced tools for it. For sure developer should do some initial testing, however can't cover all use cases due to his way of thinking. In this case, a Remote Senior QA Engineer will explain all the specific points and issues to the concrete developer directly and provide an appropriate working process for fixing found bugs and mistakes.

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Orange Sputnik is always open to suggest the best Dedicated Developers Teams for your business. The vast talent pool of Remote Developers and our 10+ years experience ensure the best match precisely for your needs.

Today Orange Sputnik headquatered in Prague with main operating R&D offices in Kyiv and Dnipro.

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